What is Dental Blue® Preferred℠ insurance?

Dental Blue® Preferred℠ is a competitively priced Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) insurance option that lets you choose the plan that best meets your employees’ needs.

Who should consider it?

Dental coverage can help employees avoid serious dental and other health issues.1 For fully-insured and self-funded organizations with more than 50 employees, Dental Blue Preferred gives employees a cost-effective alternative that still offers access to a broad, national network. Plus the new “balanced” plan is an easy-to-understand and easy-to-use option that gives employees the same benefit level for diagnostic, preventive, basic and major services.

  • Key benefits

    Key benefits

    • Choose among balanced, traditional and rollover plans
    • Customizable options, including optional orthodontia coverage
    • Checkups and cleanings are covered twice per benefit period
    • Employees can choose in-network or out-of-network providers (in-network offers a higher benefit level)
    • One bill and one ID card, when combined with a Blue Cross NC health plan
  • Additional features

    Additional features

    When employees use Dental Blue Preferred in-network providers, claims will be filed for them, saving time and headaches. Employees can find a local dentist using the selection tools on the Blue Cross NC website.

  • Application process

    Application process

    For information or to request a proposal for a Dental Blue preferred voluntary insurance policy underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, please contact your Mosaic Group representative.

  1. "The Health Perils of Gum Disease," by Joanne Barker, WebMD Feature. Reviewed by Steve Drescher, DDS. (Accessed 5/21/2016).