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What is the RivalHealth fitness program?

RivalHealth is a complete fitness system uniquely set up to help employees reach their health goals. Think of it as the much-more-affordable equivalent of a personal trainer and nutritionist for every employee—providing daily reminders, detailed directions and all the material necessary for individual success.

Employees are engaged and supported as they focus on exercise, nutrition, weight loss, mind-body-spirit and fitness improvement. Mobile and social media integration encourage accountability and friendly competition.

Who should consider it?

Employers know that a fitter employee is a healthier, happier and more productive employee. Unlike traditional wellness initiatives, RivalHealth empowers every employee to improve their fitness, and keeps them motivated over the long haul with tools for setting goals and tracking improvement. Employers are able to measure and benchmark company fitness, and reward outcomes and engagement.

  • Key benefits

    Key benefits

    • Easy-to-implement, scalable and cost-efficient
    • A positive way to improve culture and reward participation
    • Better health and quality of life
    • Enhanced productivity
    • Opportunity to decrease outlays for health insurance, disability and workers comp
  • Additional features

    Additional features

    Employee's family members can join for free, adding further motivation and inspiration. RivalHealth is ADA-compliant, so employees with permanent or temporary disabilities are encouraged to participate. The program is available in 66 languages, and localized menus are available for numerous countries and regions.

  • Application process

    Application process

    The RivalHealth Fitness Program sold by Mosaic Group is easy to sign up for, and extremely cost-effective. Contact your Mosaic Group representative for more information and to learn about customer results.