What is Long-Term Disability insurance?

Long-Term Disability coverage offers partial income protection for employees who suffer a debilitating injury or sickness. It can provide employees and their families with the income they need to maintain financial stability over an extended period.

Employees can receive benefits up to 67% of their monthly earnings, with maximum amounts of coverage up to $10,000 per month or greater.1

Who should consider it?

Being out of work can be a huge challenge for employees as they deal with the loss of income — and for employers as they deal with the loss of a valued worker. With LTD, employers can demonstrate the value they have for their employees, while preparing themselves financially against future events. Simply put, having long-term disability coverage can ease the burden on everyone.

  • Key benefits

    Key benefits

    • Covers employees 24 hours a day on or off the job
    • A range of options for benefit duration
    • Progressive claims management and rehabilitation assistance
    • Return to Work incentives
    • Survivor benefits
    • Premiums waived during disability period
  • Additional features

    Additional features

    Optional features available with group LTD plans include a COBRA premium disability benefit, activities of daily living coverage, cost of living adjustments, education benefits and accidental dismemberment coverage.

  • Application process

    Application process

    For information or to request a proposal for an LTD policy underwritten by USAble Life, Principal Life or The Hartford, please contact your Mosaic Group representative. Guaranteed Issue coverage is available to employees, based on underwriting guidelines.

  1. Actual benefit levels vary based on group size, demographics and industry, and will be determined by the insurance company selected and their underwriting guidelines.