What is Dental Blue insurance?

Dental Blue® enables employers to provide quality dental coverage for their employees through a suite of flexible dental plans.

Who should consider it?

Offering dental coverage increases the quality of an employer's overall benefits package and helps retain the most valued employees—especially since dental health and gum disease are linked to everything from stroke and heart disease to diabetes and pre-term or low birth-weight babies.1 With less work days lost to preventable dental issues, offering dental coverage makes for good health, and good business.

  • Key benefits

    Key benefits

    • Multiple plans with customizable features and special options, so employers can select exactly the right level of coverage
    • Employees can choose any licensed dentist
    • Preventive coverage for employees and their families with a low or no deductible, and no waiting period
    • One bill and one ID card when combined with a BCBSNC health plan
    • Checkups and cleanings are covered twice per benefit period
  • Additional features

    Additional features

    Customizable features within plans include benefit period maximum amounts, rollover amounts, coinsurance amounts and orthodontia.

  • Application process

    Application process

    For information or to request a proposal for a Dental Blue policy underwritten by Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, please contact your Mosaic Group representative.

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